Road to Ironman Hamburg Week 1 & 2


Ironman Blogging

I’ve decided to blog about my Ironman Hamburg race this year. I know, another blog by another triathlete about another Ironman!  Groan! Stay with me, it should be an insightful look into preparing for a big event. Since this is my 19th Ironman event, I hope it will be of use to you. I’ll also be dropping some knowledge about the general how’s and why’s of the sport, as well as tips on what to do prior, during and after such events.

The first 2 weeks..

I’m currently two weeks into my 14-Week Ironman Training Plan for my next race. Between running my own business and other commitments, I haven’t really gotten as much base work in as I’d like to have done. However, due to me being in this sport for so 3 decades, I”m usually able to get back to race shape pretty quickly. That’s the benefit of being in this sport for the long-haul. It allows you to train for big challenges without physically falling apart!

What’s Occurring?

In last few weeks, I’ve been doing medium intensity sessions and some distance work across all three sports. I must stress that I won’t be doing massive over-distance runs or cycles prior to this next Ironman. What I mean is, this year I’m avoiding running marathons, long cycle sportifs and other long events. Instead, what I’m looking to do over the next 12 weeks is high quality, big volume sessions that will get me across the line at a pretty good speed.

One would think that since I am a coach that I would do big training events and put some big numbers on Strava over the next few weeks, but that’s not really my plan. I would like to get a couple of 100+ mile training rides in, if that is at all feasible at this point.

So, my aim is to do the quality and stay away from injury. I will be doing ONE build event and that is the Edinburgh Ironman 70.3 which is at the beginning of July. After that, a few big volume weeks and then it’s all go from there!

What is important to me for the next few weeks?

This year, I’ve been all over the place in regards to my general training, but fortunately I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to getting the “work” done. I simply know what works for me! Things such as getting accustomed to and dialling in my daily and sports nutrition are high priority items for me.

I’m hoping to get proper open water swims in, which are not during my coaching sessions that I provide to my clients. It is an important tick box item for me, as pool swimming does not set you up very well for Ironman swims.  Pool swimming translates poorly to the open water. There are just so many extraneous factors and besides, it’s a completely different environment!

I need to start looking at getting on my TT bike for about half of my cycle sessions and just getting a bit of quality speed sessions in on that bike. I tend to have a love/hate relationship with my BMC TM01 as it takes me a good while to get used to riding on aerobars (ouch my back!). That said,I believe I’ll start riding my bike up and down my local 10 mile time trial course every week or so and most likely ride that and about 30 miles at a time. The reason I do this is to establish the right power and speed over the next few weeks.

In terms of running, my planned runs generally involve some speed-work, hill reps, tempo runs, brick  and notoriously long runs!

Well that’s my plan so far! Stay tuned!


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