It’s Gifting Season

What’s on YOUR Christmas wish list? How about the next big thing in training tech and race gear for next season? Maybe a new bike? And oh yeah, race entries.

What should you be gifting your family? Ironman t-shirt, running kit, race entries, gym membership…

STOP. Stop right there! Don’t do it!

My thoughts this festive season aren’t about expensive toys to improve your performance.

It’s more about thankfulness and giving back to your supporters, family and friends.

Triathlon and endurance sports can be very rewarding, as we can achieve great things for ourselves and the admiration of our “fans”. However, it can also be a very selfish pursuit that can lead to some relationship fatigue. Think about why you are doing this, have a thought about others who give you that free pass to train, especially those who are outside of the sporting bubble.

Give your time this season

The memes I see regularly about things being left undone and neglecting to take care of stuff have stopped being funny! Put a stop to procrastination outside your training schedule. So, put up that bookshelf, cut the grass/plough the snow, play that board game with the family. Take the family out for a walk.

How about volunteering for something outside of sport, taking your kids to their next dance lessons or helping with homework. How about even taking your significant other out for a meal or and even a date (put phone away and don’t talk about that workout that you did at 5am this morning). 

It’s not only about you!

Take a step back over the holidays

Do you really need the latest training gear or gadget? How much stuff do you already have?  Don’t gift sporting kit to your family, unless they are fanatical as you. I’m sure that they have stacks of unused training gear! Don’t plan on an All-Day Christmas training bonanza. You are already doing these 364 other days of the year by yourself, with mates and away from home. Nobody cares if you do that 100 x 100m swim! Challenges are good but leave it for a few days or so. If you feel like hurting yourself, do it on your own time!

A Gift For You?

Your significant other, if he/she is not into triathlon, doesn’t constantly want to hear about your training schedule. They are more interested in the time you have with them! It’s not easy to plan that annual training and race schedule yourself, unless you are an excellent project manager and have a high-performance coaching degree.

This is where your coach comes in, who will help you plan and maximise your training to reach your goals. Your coach can’t promise to give you more time back with your family but takes your personal circumstances into account each step of the way. That requires a two-way open communication, though, so the ball is also in your court to make the coached relationship a success.

Ok then… but you do want that Santa gift..

Hey, I’m no Scrooge. There are some fun things to put on your wish list this year, from power meters to foam rollers. Or how about that fitness/nutrition book or inspirational autobiography audiobook?

I’ve been a triathlete since 1982. The key to success is consistency and hard work, but you need to no chill sometimes. So have a great Christmas and New Year’s! Aloha to the holidays!